While you’ve been chasing adventure during the day, the evenings should consist of unwinding and relaxing. The best places to do this? Our comfy armchairs, cosy corners and library that will spark new adventure ideas. You’ll find these in our bistro with bar, lobby, lounge with fireplace and the WNDRLX library.

As always, there’s a secret ingredient. Ours is simple; hospitality that touches mind, body and soul. Brought together by mixing atmosphere and genuine attention for our guests.

In an elegant yet casual surrounding, you’ll have to do nothing except sit back and reflect on your journeys. The open-plan interior gives off a sense of space, making it the ideal surroundings to share your stories and experiences with friends, family and fellow adventurers. And we know we’re living in the digital age. That’s why we have a special location with charging stations. Eat that, phone battery.

P.S. We also offer the possibility for special events, available on request.


Appetite for inspiration

Appreciate the little things in life! Take a look at our Menu:



Opening hours

Open in the period from 23.10.2020 till 24.04.2021.

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